What is the Best Vodka for Espresso Martinis?


When it comes to crafting the perfect Espresso Martini, the choice of vodka can make all the difference. BĒT Vodka, a unique spirit derived from sugar beets is incomparable to other vodkas because of one special quality.

Traditional vodkas made from potatoes, corn, or wheat often have a tendency to mask or overpower the flavors they are blended with. In contrast, BĒT Vodka is sugar-based, derived from the sugar in sugar beets, actually enhances and brings out the flavor components it is mixed with. The vodka alone delivers a smooth taste at the front, followed by a delightful peppered spice on the back, complemented by a hint of vanilla. This flavor profile sets BĒT Vodka apart, making it the perfect choice for those looking to add a distinctive touch to their Espresso Martinis.

A great cocktail starts with a great recipe, and BĒT Vodka has just the thing for Espresso Martini enthusiasts. The BĒT team recommends the following recipe:


  • 2oz BĒT Vodka
  • 3/4 oz Espresso
  • 3/4oz Baileys Irish Cream


  1. Build over ice in a double old-fashioned glass.
  2. Finish with Baileys Irish Cream.

This carefully crafted recipe ensures a harmonious blend of flavors, where BĒT Vodka takes center stage, complemented by the richness of espresso and the creaminess of Baileys Irish Cream.

Beyond its exceptional taste, choosing BĒT Vodka means more than just adding a unique product to your bar. It means gaining the unwavering support of the BĒT team, available 24/7 to assist you in every aspect of your business. From event setup and marketing to providing customized materials and training for your sales team, BĒT Vodka goes above and beyond to enhance your customers’ experience and boost sales.

In the world of Espresso Martinis, BĒT Vodka stands out as the go-to choice for those who appreciate quality and novelty. Take your cocktail offerings to new heights by partnering with a brand that not only delivers exceptional spirits but also offers unmatched customer service.

With BĒT Vodka, you’re not just getting a vodka – you’re getting a blend of excellence that goes beyond just the glass, ensuring a fantastic experience for both you and your customers. Cheers to the perfect Espresso Martini!