Doing Things Different


BĒT Vodka takes its name from its primary source – sugar beets. Unlike traditional vodka derived from potatoes, corn, or wheat, BĒT Vodka enhances the flavors from your favorite cocktails rather than masking them. The sugar beet base ensures a smooth front, allowing the natural flavors of your chosen mixers to shine through, while a subtle hint of vanilla and a peppery spice on the back end adds a sophisticated depth to every sip.

BĒT Beyond the Bottle

Choosing BĒT Vodka for your liquor store goes beyond offering customers a premium spirit. When you stock BĒT Vodka, you become part of the BĒT Vodka family, gaining access to a host of support services designed to boost your success.

  • Sales Training
  • Events and Tastings
  • Custom Point of Sale Material
  • Custom Marketing Material
  • Word Tracks

BĒT Vodka isn’t just a spirit; it’s a commitment to excellence and a dedication to helping our retailers thrive. Step-up your liquor store’s top shelf selection by stocking BĒT Vodka – a unique, top-shelf experience that goes beyond the bottle. Join the BĒT Vodka family and let us support your success with unparalleled resources, training, and a commitment to delivering the best in the world of spirits.